Over the last month, I've discovered what I presumed to be true. My child has dyslexia. My blog is dedicated to these wonderfully different learners. I marvel at their creativity, out of the box thinking and their infectious need for humor. This is a journey of our discovery process and our journey homeschooling with what works. I hope you will find encouragement along with helpful advice in teaching your right brain learner in this left brain world.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Dyslexic Like Me - I love this site

I found an awesome website dedicated to dyslexia. It has everything; books on dyslexia, products to teach dyslexics, organizations dedicated to dyslexia, schools for dyslexics, famous dyslexics and some of their quotes. I just love this site. If you get a chance visit it. Dyslexic Like Me

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